Brain Fog…

Clouding of consciousness, also known as brain fog or mental fog, is a term used in medicine denoting an abnormality in the regulation of the overall level of consciousness that is mild and less severe than a delirium. The sufferer experiences a subjective sensation of mental clouding described as feeling “foggy”.

For me…this is one the absolute worst symptoms of Meniere’s Disease.  I saw this quote from someone that has this the other day.  “I also noticed at work… I don’t even look anyone in the eye, and when someone talks to me, I barely understand what they’re saying. I just want to be alone so I don’t have to interact with anyone.”

This is what Brain Fog does.  It messes with your mind to the point that you just don’t want to be around people.  That you just don’t want to have to think.  That you aren’t asked any questions.  That you don’t have to speak.  That you don’t want to forget the important things in your life.  That you just don’t want to….live.

Think about that for a second.

Brain Fog


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