My Wife’s Favorite Picture



Right now….this is my wife’s favorite picture of me!  She thinks it is absolutely adorable.

I wouldn’t disagree….except for the fact that I was having a really bad vertigo attack at the time.

Now…you may be wondering about the caps…and maybe about the stuffed Panda.

First…the Panda.  His name is Alex.  Alex belonged to my wife René before we met.  After we got together…Alex became mine.  Nuff said.

Now…the caps.  When I am having a really bad attack…I like to have a cap on over my ears.  It helps.  It keeps them warm…keeps out weird noises…..keeps out air….keeps out other things that tend to bother me when I am having vertigo.  So why is Alex wearing one too?

Well…sometimes I toss and turn….and mine falls off.  So….if I put one on Alex…I know that if I wake up and mine is MIA…I can grab his and have a spare handy.

See…makes total sense…doesn’t it??


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