A Million Little Things…

Living 1

This is a quote from the new TV show “A Million Little Things” and when the character said it….it hit me like a ton of bricks! THIS IS IT! This is how I feel. I have always had issues with depression…but these past 2 1/2 years have been such a huge struggle for me.

But I wake up every day…and try my best to find one of those million little things that inspires me or motivates me to work harder at staying alive. I have an awesome family and the most amazing wife a guy could ever dream of having. But even when you have all this love and support…it is still a struggle.

So many people don’t feel like it should be. “You Have All Of That…What Do You Have To Be Depressed About” is a question that I have heard many times. I wish it were that simple; not just for me…but for everyone dealing with depression.

But trust me…IT IS NOT SIMPLE!

#Depression #TheStruggleIsReal#ChronicIlliness #Menieres


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